WOW sheets

For the Early Years Foundation Stage we use ‘WOW’ sheets to help us gain a broad perspective of your child’s achievements and feel they are a really positive way to bind and to celebrate the home/Pre-school relationship for your child!

The completion of  WOW sheets can be undertaken by parents/carers or any adult who has been given responsibility for your child outside of Pre-school hours.  For example: grandparents and other close relatives, child-minders.  We also welcome photographs, pictures, writing or any other evidence to support the contents of the WOW sheets.

The key purpose of the WOW sheet is for us to obtain an understanding of your child’s achievements beyond the Pre-school and to be able to celebrate these achievements with your child and their peers.  The WOW sheets are always placed in your child’s ‘Learning Journey’ and the information we gather from them is a valuable source of evidence when completing your child’s personal learning journey profile.

The WOW sheets you submit will be coded under the seven areas of learning as follows (I have also included some examples of WOW sheets received relevant to their category):

  • Personal, Social & Emotional Development e.g. a new activity your child has done (confidence) or playing co-operatively with others, taking turns (making relationships)
  • Communication and language e.g. Following simple instructions or asking how or why questions about an experience
  • Literacy e.g. Can describe a story or understand the difference between fiction and non-fiction books or can recognise familiar words like their own name (reading) or give meaning to marks as they draw or paint (writing)
  • Mathematics e.g. Can count 1-5, 1-10, or 1-20, or can do simple sums (numbers).
  • Understanding the world  e.g. A significant event for their family or friends (people & communities) or your child knows how to operate simple equipment like remote control or CD (technology)
  • Physical Development e.g. Showing your child can handle equipment and tools effectively, including writing with pencils, maybe beginning to copy their name (movement & handling) or that they know the importance of a healthy diet and physical exercise (health & self-care)
  • Expressive arts and design e.g. pictures your child makes using different materials, songs your child sings or dressing up to engage in imaginative role-play.
  • WOW sheets are always freely available for you to take from Pre-school and can also be downloaded here.
  • You are welcome to email any information for your child’s learning journey to celebrate your child’s achievements outside of pre-school, please email to